Autumn Sale


We know it is not quite fall yet, but it is so often on top of us before we realise it.  In anticipation of golden trees, red leaves, and new adventures, we are excited to announce an autumn sale!  This sale will begin on September 1st and end on September 10th.  All scarves will be 30% off.

Elise crochets our scarves in a long strip with buttons on one end and button holes on the other.  The buttons can be done up, forming an infinity loop, or left undone so you can fling your scarf gracefully over one shoulder as you trip down the street.

We have chosen the deepest, richest shades…forest green with its golden undertones and delicately wrought bronze buttons like the interlace of branches overhead…deep fuchsia, named for the flower than grows wild along the roads of south-west Ireland…or the icy blue of brilliantly cold oceans set with sparkling silver…

Keep an eye on the blog or sign up for our email list for reminders and updates. We cannot wait to send you packages of cozy loveliness!

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