A thing of both beauty and usefulness is twice-blessed indeed.

It began with travel.  New sights seen, new smells smelled, new tastes tasted.  Green hills…deep valleys…wide oceans…  Somehow, of all this came a sneaking suspicion that the beautiful and the lovely were not only for days that “deserved” them (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries) but for ordinary times.

Thus began the journey of crafting things of quality and excellence but also of usefulness and “useable-ness.”  Because a thing that is beautiful only is but half-blessed, but a thing of both beauty and usefulness is twice-blessed indeed!

So it is with our crafting and spinning and making: striving always to work loveliness into things that can be used every ordinary day.


Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Nicole is the word-weaver of all the writing you read anywhere connected with Aval House.  Besides writing for Aval House, she also runs her own blog, Remembered Lore, a tapestry of ponderings on “things forgotten.”  At various and sundry times, she can be found in the library pouring over some lost volume of Old English literature, or down some rabbity hole of linguistic discovery.


Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Where Nicole is a weaver of words, Elise is a weaver of threads.  It is she who spins the scarves and gloves on Aval House into silky reality.  She is master of Aval House’s Instagram profile and graciously edits heaps of Nicole’s writing.  When not setting her hand to the crochet hook, she is penning sonnets, buried in the wit of Dorothy Sayers, and drinking strong cups of Earl Grey tea.

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Header photo credit to Scott Koehn
Portrait photos credit to Michael Ross