Painting Music: a Special Announcement

Happy spring, dears! April is Poetry Month!  And in light of that fact, Elise and I are excited to announce a new project. We are collaborating with Ariose Women's Choir to create a set of art cards that correspond with the lyrics of some pieces for their May concert.  I (Nicole) have been singing with Ariose for nearly two… Continue reading Painting Music: a Special Announcement


Last chance for autumn loveliness!

Autumn sale ends tomorrow! Now is your chance to purchase our scarves while they are 30% off.  Right now they are only $43.32.  After tomorrow, their price will again be $61.89.* Click below to take advantage of this discount before it ends. Shop now! *Prices are in Canadian Dollars Featured photo credit to Scott Koehn


30% off is HERE!

Yay! The long-awaited discount is here!Finally save 30% off on all our scarves! There must be a fairy tale somewhere about a little girl who froze her nose and chin off because she neglected to wear a scarf in the wintertime.  You don't want that to happen to you, do you?  We aren't threatening you, of… Continue reading 30% off is HERE!


It starts TOMORROW…

Our autumn sale begins TOMORROW!  30% off all our scarves until September 10th.  Our spirits are high as we look forward to weaving these strands of colour together.  Friends, we simply cannot wait to pack up these beautiful scarves and send them to you!  We have the most delightful packing supplies we are chafing to use and the loveliest… Continue reading It starts TOMORROW…


One more week ’til our autumn sale!

One more week until our autumn sale, friends!  On September 1st, all our scarves will be 30% OFF.  Elise has already brought out the boxes of fluffy yarn in anticipation of your orders and we both have been burying our fingers deliciously in the skeins. Visit the shop

Becoming Alive

On Building Rivendell, Part 2

On Building Rivendell, Part 2 is the second in a series of three on weaving the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rivendell into one’s home.  Unfamiliar with “Rivendell”?  No worries, sidle over to Part 1 to enlighten yourself and then come back and read this one. On Building Rivendell, Part 1 On Building Rivendell, Part 2… Continue reading On Building Rivendell, Part 2