About Us

The design for Aval House was birthed when two young women were encouraged by their elders to offer their craft to a greater circle.  Girded with ambition and a desire to forge things deep and beautiful, they carved out an alcove on Etsy and christened it ‘Aval House’.

‘Aval’ (ah-VAHL) is a word of French origin meaning ‘downstream’.  This house is downstream—under Christ.  Our wish is to honour our Redeemer by using our God-given creativity to fashion things that honour Him and bring joy to others.

This house has, we must admit (though not shamefacedly), a medieval flavour; a bookish aroma.  We cannot help it.  The medieval era was one of silent blossoming: a bud on the threshold of the Renaissance.  And books?  Books cherish within their leaves the wisdom of mankind.

If you wish to learn more about our mission see our Welcome post.

Visit Nicole’s blog, Remembered Lore.

About the Owners

Nicole Koehn

Founder, Owner

Nicole is a firm advocate for deep discussion and living the Renaissance Spirit.  When she is not working, she can be caught buried in poetry, brooding over ancient languages, writing, or pondering the deep questions great literature so well provokes.

Elise Koehn

Founder, Owner

Elise never hesitates when faced with the opportunity to wear a Victorian hoop skirt or indulge in a merry laugh over Gilbert and Sullivan.  She enjoys a delicious tea and all enduring Classics, but gives a special tip of the hat to Sherlock Holmes.

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Photos credit to Michael Ross