Painting Music: a Special Announcement

Happy spring, dears!

April is Poetry Month!  And in light of that fact, Elise and I are excited to announce a new project.

We are collaborating with Ariose Women’s Choir to create a set of art cards that correspond with the lyrics of some pieces for their May concert.  I (Nicole) have been singing with Ariose for nearly two years.  Jolaine Kerley, the director of Ariose, chooses music with touching melodies and lyrical text, often taken from classic poetry.  The lyrics from several of our May concert pieces are particularly conducive to illustration, and I have been pondering how to bring them to life. 

Then came the idea to print the illustrations on art cards.  We will be selling these art cards before and during Ariose’s May concert, both online and in person, and a percentage of the profits will be donated to the choir.

Aval House hasn’t seen much of my art for a while, but we hope this will change in the future, beginning with this new project.

Elise and I are very excited for this venture and will be sharing updates as we go along.  You can follow us on Instagram to watch our process, or sign up for our email list for important updates.

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