30% off is HERE!

Yay! The long-awaited discount is here!
Finally save 30% off on all our scarves!

There must be a fairy tale somewhere about a little girl who froze her nose and chin off because she neglected to wear a scarf in the wintertime.  You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?  We aren’t threatening you, of course (not exactly…).  But your nose is really too pretty to arrive all red and chapped at your destination.  And a scarf is such a simple way to avoid that affliction.

Do not forget that there are only three scarves available, so purchase NOW to avoid disappointment.  (Oh, and our packaging is ever so delightful–we so want to send you some!)

Here’s to pretty noses and cozy chins!
Nicole & Elise

Header photo credit to Scott Koehn

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