It starts TOMORROW…

Our autumn sale begins TOMORROW!  30% off all our scarves until September 10th.  Our spirits are high as we look forward to weaving these strands of colour together.  Friends, we simply cannot wait to pack up these beautiful scarves and send them to you!  We have the most delightful packing supplies we are chafing to use and the loveliest little extras we can’t wait to slip in.  Is there something wrong with making a purchase because the packaging is the most exciting part?

We have some sad news

We have discovered that stores no longer sell the yarns we use to make our scarves.  Thus, the scarves currently listed on our shop are the only ones we have.  There is only one of each colour available.  After these sell, we will not be making any more.  We have some new designs planned for the future, but the buttoned scarves may not be among them.  So if you have been eyeing one of these lovely weavings of colour for some time, now is the time to purchase.

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