Becoming Alive

Advent at Aval House

We are now in the first week of Advent!  Advent is a way of anticipating Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Christians began this celebration some time during the Middle Ages.  The word advent comes from the Latin adventus which means “the coming”.  During Advent we remember coming of Christ to earth as a baby, celebrate His daily presence in our lives, and look forward to His second coming and the renewal of the world.

There are many ways to celebrate Advent. The lighting of candles, one each Sunday before Christmas, was a tradition begun by the Germans.  During the Advent season, we spend a few moments each day reading from the Bible and lighting that week’s candle. Excitement for Christmas is building! Our house is filled with the musical strains of George Frideric Handel’s oratorio Messiah, whispered discussions, and closeted preparations.  Lights twinkle off beaded garland and joyful voices ring out from all rooms.

We hope you take some moments in these next weeks to quiet your heart in the midst of the stormy world.

Do not forget that although our Yuletide Sale ends on December 23rd, you must place your order before December 7th if you want it to arrive before Christmas!*

*Our main sale announcement included a mistake:  Orders must be placed before December 7th, not December 10th if you want to have them arrive in time.  Apologies for this!  We did not calculate the time it takes us to actually craft your order!

Featured image: The Annunciation, by Zanobi Strozzi

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