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Greetings, friend, and welcome!

We are glad your road has brought you here.  This is Aval House:  A place were Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are celebrated with the creativity God has given Man.

On the golden morning of September 22, 2019, we opened a shop on with a desire to inspire others with the charm and wisdom of a bygone age.  You can visit our corner on Etsy by clicking Shop on our menu.

On this website and blog we will post about upcoming product launches and sales on our shop.  Besides this, expect a variety of posts pertaining to literature, Medieval and Renaissance art and costume, and the enticing stories behind our products!

Everything you see in our shop was made simply for the joy of creating.  We hope to enliven you with a little sense of the beautiful–elvish, if you like–in your day.

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Photo credit to Scott Koehn

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